Thursday, February 24, 2011

My creative space meets Me Made February – Belt

It is Thursday and in my blogging world that means My Creative Space – a great blogging initiative initiated by Kirsty from Kootoyoo. Creative people from all over the world show their working space, projects they are currently working on and unfinished projects. I find it very inspiring and the photos that show the work spaces are truly stunning. So here is my creative space today:

I finally started on my hat. I found the right woollen fabric, I bought the matching lining, I even made the pattern last night,... so today I hopefully get started with cutting and sewing. Because I really want to finish the hat this month. In Me Made February. Before gets warmer in Berlin (-10 C this morning!). And because I promised it to Dana ;-)

Since the hat is not finished, yet, it doesn’t count for My Creative Challenge, for which I have to wear something me made or made something new for me every day of February.

Catherine invented the German version of Self-Stiched September by So Zo and now Germany is crafting up a storm of me made fashion items. Have a look here at all the amazing girls.

I wear a green me made belt out of silk with a Chinese pattern today. As you might have recognised I love folk inspired fashion. Especially Asian one. It is a bit hard, however, to incorporate them into your daily wardrobe

a) because even I don’t want to look like I am on my way to a dress-up party every day


b) because traditional Asian dress or top patterns are simply not made for an European girl aehm women with an hourglass figure ;-)

This belt is about the only fashion item I have which is green. I am never sure which shade of green suits me, but actually I like this combination of brown and light, non-yellowish green very much.

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