Thursday, February 3, 2011

Me made February – Lobster

Today was a crazy day – I had a true child-care-interview-marathon and when I finally came home with the little one, I had a sick husband lying on the sofa. So there was lots of medicine to be given, many cups of tea to be brewed, a few mattresses to be pushed around (because I really don’t want me and little one to become sick on the weekend)... and in the end there was too little time to take pictures of me in my daily outfit ;-(

Nevertheless I did wear something self-made today. And I did take a photo of ...

... my lobster brooch. Self-made from a plastic hummer (bought in a dollar shop) and a brooch needle.

Originally I made it for a ‘under the sea’ dress up party. But while all the other fish decorations went straight to my costume box, I somehow fell in love with the lobster. And while I wouldn’t wear it to a business meeting, I do wear it quite often. I think it gives every classic outfit a certain quirky twist. Which I like, but it is certainly not everybody’s cup of tea ;-) It puts a smile on my face every time and not many accessories can do that, can’t they?


mizoal said...

WOW! the broock is great!


* Ninotschka * said...

Thanks, Anke! I am glad that I am not the only one with a extravagant taste (I prefer extravagant over weird ;-)))

quer|elastisch Sabine Sprotte said...

Hi Ninotschka,

das bist du in der Tat nicht (-:
Es tut gut, ein paar Verrückte in der Gemeinde zu haben.

Hoffe, du hast dich vom Bettenumbau erholt und weilst bereits beim Dinner.

Dann tauche mal schnell ab und steck' dich nicht an.


* Ninotschka * said...

Ach, vielen Dank Sabine. Ich bin eigentlich auch ganz gerne etwas verrueckt ;-) Schoen, dass du mir trotz Englisch gewogen bleibst.