Saturday, February 26, 2011

Me Made February – Hairclip

Wow, I am slowly running out of me made things. And I am running out of time to make new me made things. My lovely husband and I are working like crazy on the girls’ room today. Girls that is me and my little one and we are going to share a play-craft-room ;-) We finally finished unpacking our 2 million moving boxes from Australia and the 3 million storage boxes. Hurray!!! Now we are working on the lights and the baseboard. And I am so happy that we are finally getting this done that I cannot stop or even slow down. Therefore I couldn’t put too much effort in my outfit. Or any effort at all, to be honest.

So, today I am only wearing a me made hair clip to stop my former-fringe to fall into my eyes. Oh, how glamorous my life is ;-)

Hope you have nicer things to do today!

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