Sunday, January 13, 2013

More Themed Party Ideas

After I had to exclude so many great themes for my birthday party, because I have already been to or thrown these parties, I spent the past night online doing research on what other creative blogging people have done in terms of themed parties and here are my favourites so far:

Superheros – inspired by this great kid party by SugarSweet, but I could also imagine a great adult version of the theme, e.g. dressing up as your childhood hero
1920s – inspired by these wonderful girls , ahhhh, those hats, those lips, and those dresses – how chic, I think the 20s are my favourite past decade in terms of style, music and attitude

Circus – inspired by this Taschen book cover, I think cotton candy, popcorn, sequins everywhere, ballerina skirts...
James Bond – my all-time favourite movies, especially the ones with Sean Connery and the latest ones with Daniel Craig, their 50th anniversary would be a great reason to use it as a party theme and there is nothing more glamorous than men in tuxedos and girls in golden bikinis J I am really inspired by Naomi’s party theme
Pirates – ever since I have been to a little girl’s birthday party with this amazing home-made pirate ship cake, I wanted  a party with eye patches and bare feet, with wooden swords and fake rum myself as well.  
What do you think? Any favourites of yours? Any great themed parties you have thrown or been to?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Themed Party Ideas

What makes me happy? Starting to plan a new party right after having cleaned up the mess of the precious one ;-) Seriously!!!

Well, maybe this is partly due to the fact that I haven’t thrown or been to a lot of parties since I had the little one.  But that is about to change.
Currently I am planning a big party for my birthday in February. Not because it is a special birthday. Just an ordinary 37th birthday.
At the moment all I know is that...
... I want an all-adult party, so the grandparents are booked to take the little one overnight...
... I want to have lots of friends around me – both old and new ones...
... and I want a themed party with dressing up and motto decorations.
What the theme is, you ask? Oh well, that is a difficult question.
I have already been to a number of great themed parties. Especially in Australia people are very creative and enthusiastic about them, I have to say ;-) And I certainly do not want to repeat a theme.
I have been to a Bad Taste Party – very, very funny, but unfortunately:  I have been there, I have done that.
I have been to several Wig Parties – hilarious, but only if it is not too hot. These wigs otherwise kill you and your fancy make-up ;-)
I have been to a Sea Life Party – with male and female mermaids, pirates and odd sea monsters.

I have been to a Cowboys and Indians Party – where we all square-danced in the end.
I have been to a White Party for my friend’s hen’s night.
I have thrown a Breakfast at Tiffany’s – including turquoise petit fours and huge diamonds on the tables.

I have invited my guests to a Las Vegas Gambling Night – with big bucks and low lights and someone who actually stole the highest coupon.

We threw an Australia Party for our friends before moving to Melbourne.

My overall highlight was a Mafia Party which we have thrown for my husband’s 30th birthday. Too many highlights to mention them all, but I just say 17 men with hats, a nun, lots of fake money and a shot man singing karaoke and a lot of other dubious folks.
Wow! I have to admit I have been to more great themed parties than I initially remembered. But after having gone through all the photos of the past few years, I have to say. A lot of great themes are already out of the race for my birthday theme ;-(
I guess I have to immerse myself into other people’s parties and steal some great ideas!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Quick & Easy NYE Decorations

I promised you a more detailed report of my freneticdecoration craze so here it comes ;-)

On December 30th it suddenly began to dawn on me that the next day was NYE... and we were having a party...  at our place... and I had prepared absolutely nothing in terms of decorations.

No problem one might say, but I love party decorations.
I think they are vital for setting a party mood. For making guests feel special and welcomed. For getting the fun and the party started. For lifting all spirits especially on a slightly difficult night like NYE on which not only a few people feel a bit depressed due to the whole review and resolutions thing.

I would spend hours, days and weeks planning party decorations. And I could easily spend a fortune on decorations for one night only. And here I was, with no plan, no clue and no possibility to shop (it was Sunday and we still have the lovely tradition of one shopping-free day per week).

After I stopped beating myself up and thought of all the good reasons for having more important things on my mind than party decorations (a number of Christmas parties, family Christmas in two cities, a flight with a toddler in between the two Christmases, lots of small and big presents to make and buy, my usual hurray-I-am-on-annual-leave-tonsillitis, my husband moving back to Berlin, a birthday party of a very good friend...), I started to get through my boxes and drawers... and I found pink. Lots of pink. I am not exaggerating. I found pink EVERYWHERE. And so I decided to make it a think pink NYE.
I made a few lucky bags out of pink paper and silver stickers...

... and filled them with little lucky symbols which I found around the house...

... a felt heart for love, a band aid for health, a shell for a journey, a piglet for luck, a cent for money,  paper clip for success, a balloon for fun and antlers for courage (I know, but I was running out of lucky symbols ;-))
Plus I cut out 2012 from plain paper and wrapped it around pink tea light holder...

... and blew up all the pink balloons I could find and hung them up...

... and I filled all my silver Christmas ornaments in glass vases of all sizes and shapes.
For the table decoration I stamped a pink 2013 on plain white napkins...

... threw a few small disco balls and used a piece of unhemmed fabric as table runner...

... put silver plates and pink tea light holder on the middle of the table. E voila!
Not too bad, but...

Quick – 2 hours max

Easy – no special skills needed at all and a colour-scheme really makes your life easier (I know I sound like a wedding planner ;-))

Cheap – if you have a helplessly overstocked decoration and crafting department like me :-)

So, now I can think about a new party, just to try out some new decorations and buy more glittering stuff ;-)

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Review

I know, I haven’t told you a thing about Christmas. It is always such an exciting build up until the BIG DAY and then... nothing. Well, not nothing, in our case it is more... relaxing... playing with new toys... reading new books...doing nothing...for once.

We did have a wonderful Christmas though. One with one family on Christmas Eve and the other one on Boxing Day with the other family! We had great food, beautiful presents and the little one was overwhelmed by the attention of the extended family, by all the presents and all the Christmas traditions:
The baby in the Kripperl

Our bad taste Christmas Tree Ornament competition
The nativity play at church with girls in white dresses and golden headbands as angels

The waiting for the Christkind (baby Christ brings the presents in southern Germany, not Santa, who is responsible for the north of Germany. You see, job sharing does work!)

The cramming of all the wrapping paper under the table
You see a lot to digest for a 2.5 year old. Nevertheless, I think it was the best Christmas ever. For her. For us.
Forget about baby’s first Christmas. The babies are just too small to see anything but maybe the lights. They are too tiny to understand anything of the Christmas magic. So, please leave them alone with Santa or presents or photos or Christmas trees ;-). Because that is all very frightening. All they care about is their usual milk and a clean nappy and somewhere quiet to sleep (maybe mum’s or dad’s belly?).
The year after the babies are starting to see more and understand more, but still it is all very confusing and way too much to cope with. So there is a lot of crying, bumping into Christmas trees, sitting on presents instead of opening them and all of that in the presence of a hundred burning candles. No fun, I can tell you ;-)
This year, however, it was fun. And it was magic. And exciting. And it was not frightening at all. Therefore the little one asked on Boxing Day: ‘When is Christmas again?’

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!

Dearest readers,

I wish you all a very happy, healthy, successful, exciting and relaxing

We had a wonderful start of the year with some of our nearest and dearest friends!

Great food! Good music! Fireworks all around us. What else can you want? Well, maybe pink decorations. I will tell you a bit more about my frenetic decoration craze on December 30th soon ;-) But for now, have a wonderful evening! And an even better New Year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Have a merry Christmas all of you!!! Kisses and hugs from your loved ones! Pressies from Santa! Great food! Peace! And a relaxing holiday!

And a cold beer, mates :-)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Frohe Weihnachten

Wunderschöne Weihnachten euch allen!!! Strahlende Kinder, friedliche Verwandte, schöne Geschenke, leckeres Essen, Musik, Kerzen, Ruhe und Frieden wünsche ich euch von Herzen!