Friday, November 30, 2012

Advent Calendar Inspiration

Advent calendars are one of my favourite things about Christmas. Maybe even the most favourite thing. My late granny used to make them for us every year. They were always full of little presents, sweets and lots of love. I will never forget the feeling of curiosity and joy when I stood in front of the 24 little parcels and tried to guess what they might contain. Granny held the tradition until we were late in our 20s and we begged her for a new calendar each and every year. A little present a day was so much better than just another present on Christmas Eve!
Now I am the one who packs the little parcels and watch my little one fill with excitement when looking at the 24 little parcels filled with unknown little treasure – and to my surprise it is at least as much fun making an Advents calendar than making it. Starting to think about little presents or big ones which can be split up. Trying to find things which are fun and tiny and not too expensive. Filling a secret bag with more and more treasures. Looking for the little bags. Laying them out on the floor. Distributing the treasures to the 24 days. Adding sweets. Wrapping everything in Christmas paper. Hanging them on a ribbon the night before the 1st of December... I can tell you making Advents calendars really made my November!
So here is some Advent calendar inspiration for all of you, who still haven’t gotten all the necessary 24 little parcels. Or for all of you who urgently need an alternative for the contaminated chocolate Adventcalendars.
This year I made two Advent calendars. One for my little one, who is 2.5 years old. Her Advent calendar will transform her play kitchen into a play shop and I will share its content throughout December with you. So, no pictures yet, sorry ;-)
The second Advent calendar I made for my goddaughter, who is 3.5 years old. She is really into drawing and colouring...

... and she is obviously becoming a real girl now.  Her mum told me that nail polish and necklaces are the things to have at kindergarten at the moment. Holy Moly  ;-)

I also included some things which I just find magically like stickers, little books, a kaleidoscope...

... and some sweets, of course. My goddaughter is not into chocolates, so it had to be gummi bears.
All wrapped up in Christmas paper and put into the little bags. E voila!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


... I cannot believe how long I haven’t posted on this little blog of mine. Can you believe it – previous post on February 24th!!! At least 2012 :-)

I am sure no one is still hoping to hear anything from me, get any news, find anything on this blog which is not absolutely and utterly out-dated. Arrrrggggghhhhh!!!
I guess, life got in the way of blogging. No dramas. No crisis. No life-changing events. Just the usual everyday stuff ;-(
Anyway, I am still alive. I still have internet connection. And I still read a lot of blogs and at the moment I really want to post again. So I do ;-)

Maybe my sudden re-discovery of this little blog has something to do with my favourite season coming up: Christmas!!! In the past few weeks I have been crafting so much, decorating like mad, looking for ideas and presents all night long. I had a blast and the whole Plätzchen (cookies) part hasn’t even begun ;-)
And after getting all this wonderful inspiration from the world-wide-web, I want to give something back. Christmas is the time of giving anyway, so why not start with something virtual. So I promise to share with you some nifty little Christmas decorations, some fantastic but affordable Christmas gifts, some amazing Christmas food and my little one’s Advent calendar over the next few weeks.
I hope my post will inspire you.
I hope they will make you smile.
I hope they will make you hungry.
I hope they will make you curious.