Wednesday, November 28, 2012


... I cannot believe how long I haven’t posted on this little blog of mine. Can you believe it – previous post on February 24th!!! At least 2012 :-)

I am sure no one is still hoping to hear anything from me, get any news, find anything on this blog which is not absolutely and utterly out-dated. Arrrrggggghhhhh!!!
I guess, life got in the way of blogging. No dramas. No crisis. No life-changing events. Just the usual everyday stuff ;-(
Anyway, I am still alive. I still have internet connection. And I still read a lot of blogs and at the moment I really want to post again. So I do ;-)

Maybe my sudden re-discovery of this little blog has something to do with my favourite season coming up: Christmas!!! In the past few weeks I have been crafting so much, decorating like mad, looking for ideas and presents all night long. I had a blast and the whole Plätzchen (cookies) part hasn’t even begun ;-)
And after getting all this wonderful inspiration from the world-wide-web, I want to give something back. Christmas is the time of giving anyway, so why not start with something virtual. So I promise to share with you some nifty little Christmas decorations, some fantastic but affordable Christmas gifts, some amazing Christmas food and my little one’s Advent calendar over the next few weeks.
I hope my post will inspire you.
I hope they will make you smile.
I hope they will make you hungry.
I hope they will make you curious.


Christiane said...

Oops, was sagt mir mein Reader denn da?
Willkommen zurück...
LG, Christiane

* Ninotschka * said...

Christiane, ich liebe deinen Reader, dafür dass er dir meine Rückkehr sofort verkündet ;-) Danke dir für das herzliche Willkommen!!! Nina