Saturday, September 11, 2010

Finally back...

Lovely readers – if I still have any. I am so SORRY! I have been away from this little blog much longer than I planned and hoped. But the past few weeks and the move back to Germany have been busier than anticipated. Oh well! From now on, there will be more news on this poor neglected blog, because...

... it is done: We have put all our belongings in Australia into 3 suitcases and a shipping container. We have flown to Germany with our little girl. We have spent a lot of time with our families and friends. We have found a beautiful new apartment in the centre of Berlin. We have spent a lot of time at various administrative offices and hardware stores.

... well, it is almost done: We have still some organisational stuff to organise. We still have to spend a lot of time in hardware stores and IKEA. We still want to spend more time with our family and friends. We still have to move into our apartment. We still have to unpack our shipping container.


We are back home.