Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Me Made February – Laminated

Today the biggest surprise waited in my little (real not virtual) mailbox...

... beautifully packaged...

... birthday pressies from my dearest blog reader, Christiane: wonderful events to assemble: a relaxing bath, an afternoon with your friend and even a trip to the Baltic Sea beach. Ahhh that is exactly what a stressed mum in the search of child care needs!!! Thank you so much, Christiane! What a wonderful surprise! You made my day!

As part of my Me Made Challenge I wear some me made earrings today, which I made by simply


I bought a book in Melbourne’s Chinatown – please don’t ask me what this book is about, although I studied Mandarin for a few months, I have no clue. I can read that the world ‘people’ appears on almost every page, but then which book is not about people ;-) And it was in the fiction aisle, but that’s all I know. Anyway, I simply bought it for its decorative aspects (shame on me, my dad the greatest book lover of all times would be horror-stricken!).

I then cut out a circle with a paper punch (again I can see horror in my dad's eyes ;-)) and laminated them. Then it was cut out again, a little ring and a silver earring loop was added. That’s it!

Thinking about it – I reckon I wouldn’t wear it in China or somewhere, where there are a lot of Chinese people around like all the romantic German castles or any Bavarian restaurant. Could be embarrassing when they read that I am wearing a trashy novel on my ears ;-(

I am sure that none of you is wearing something embarrassing today, girls!

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Paula said...

Hey super Idee... und die Vorstellung, dass irgendwann wenn du nicht aufpasst ein Chinese von deinen Ohren abliest, find ich wunderbar...