Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Me Made February – Japanesey

As part of my Me Made February I wore a skirt today that I have made some years ago. And it still fits me – hurray ;-)

It was inspired by an unaffordable skirt by a Japanese designer (not sure exactly which one), which I had seen in a shop in Hamburg. It is a simple jeans pencil skirt with a piece of Japanese silk appliquéd to the front. I love its contrasts: The jeans fabric makes the skirt tailored, whereas the silk gives it a certain flow. The pencil form makes it quite business-like, whereas the Japanese painting adds something exotic and flashy.

I felt very extravagant wearing this skirt today. The red colour really pops. Although I have to admit that I think the pharmacist and my little one’s paediatrist thought I was crazy. Oh well, you cannot expect everyone to have your sense of fashion, can you?

Looking forward to your me made creations, girls!

Note to myself: clean the mirror from the little one’s finger prints and remember to iron the pieces before you photograph ;-)

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