Sunday, February 27, 2011

Me Made February – Tiger Lily Jeans

Today I am going to show you the last transformation of my beloved me made jeans dress. You have already seen it here, here and here .

There are many more combinations I can think of and have worn before, but Me Made February is almost over and I wanted to show you one last challenge: Tiger print:

In my opinion animal prints are always tricky. No matter whether you are big or small. Young or old. Blonde or brunette. Over- or under-weight. It is so easy to look cheap. Or dowdy. Or rich-south-African-on-safari. Or ich-Tarzan-du-Jane.

I think they look great with the jeans. Like Sanne. Therefore the only animal prints I own are on this scarf-turned-into-belt and these ballerina flats.

Anyway, for me fashion is about having fun. About trying new things. About rediscovering old things. About expressing oneself. About taking risks. Risks to look stupid. But also gorgeous.

Therefore, I am heading over to your posts now for some gorgeous me made fashion!


seelenruhig said...

Ich bin begeistert! Und denke gerade da an meinen Leoprintschal, der im Schrnka so vor sich hindümpelt... Das Kleid in dieser Kombi sieht einfach edel, geschmackvoll - wunderbar aus!!


Grüße von Ellen

Paula said...

Siehst gut aus und dein Motto mit dem "no (fashion)-risk, no fun" - find ich richtig gut!

* Ninotschka * said...

Vielen Dank, ihr Lieben! War echt unsicher wegen dem Leo, aber nach dem Mode-Lob traue ich mich damit auch vor die Tuere ;-) Muss mich eh wieder mehr verrueckte Sachen trauen! Besonders jetzt wo ich gerade nicht serioes-professionell rueberkommen muss.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Ninotschka,
ich danke Dir vieltausendmal und ich wünsch dir viel glück am 14.
hab noch einen schönen abend!
die Dana