Saturday, February 12, 2011

Me Made February meets 12-on-the-12th

Here is still Me Made February, but it is also the 12th and therefore time for 12-on-the-12th. A great blog initiative by Caro, for which you have to take 12 photos of your life on the 12th of each month.

An early 12-on-the-12th today, but of you have a little one your day usually starts quite early. On weekends as well as weekdays. So at 9am the little one and I were not only awake, but already outside. On our morning tour.

Today we headed towards Potsdamer Platz, not knowing what would await us there...

... Berlinale craziness, red bears everywhere...

... the red carpet – and me on it with incredible dirty shoes ;-)...

... so many movies in just 10 days...

... and so many people waiting in line to buy some tickets (I have been there many, many times before, but never have been so well prepared: laptops, champing chairs – I am impressed).

I love cakes and tarts and pastry, but these are really too beautiful to eat.

A little beautification point for all the stars and starlets – still closed at this early hour. What a shame, I could need a bit of concealer and some lipstick ;-)

Back at home with fresh chocolate croissants, coffee and the Berlinale programme. I need to know at least what I am missing.

The little one is awake again – and she has a bit of a bad hair day...

... but she is extremely interested in the movie programme. Extremely interesting in eating the programme I should say ;-)

And that is me – trying to add some glamour after the disaster with the dirty shoes on the red carpet. Super-big sunnies and pout a la Victoria Beckham. And my favourite me made headband with fabric a la Pucci.

Since you cannot really see the headband on my head – here it is again. Just some stretchy viscose sewn into a tunnel.

Looking forward to your photo streams and your me made pieces.

Happy Saturday!


KleinesLieschen said...

Endlich hab ichs auch mal geschafft bei „12 von 12″ mitzumachen, uff! Und schön, so findet man schon wieder neue-ungelesene Blogs!

Ein schönes Wochenende & LG vom KleinenLieschen-Andrea

frau knopf said...

Kicher- bei deiner Kleinen ist heut Kükenhaaretag;)
Und wenn ich deine Hauptstadtfotos sehe, komme ich mir vor wie hinter den sieben Bergen...:D

* Ninotschka * said...

@Andrea: Ja, ich freue mich auch immer ueber Neuentdeckungen.

@FrauKnopf: Stimmt, sie war heute insgesamt wie ein Küken, das aus dem Nest gefallen ist ;-) Von wegen Hauptstadt - dafuer schwaerm ich immer von den tollen Orten mit ganz viel Natur und ganz wenig Beton.