Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wedding Photos – Part VI

On Wednesdays I share everything wedding with you: tips, projects, organisation, photos, faux-pas, fun things and golden rules I ‘learned’ from my own wedding. I feel I need to give something back to the fabulous blog community who helped me stay sane and enjoy every second of my ‘big day’. 
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Wedding photos are such a difficult decision you make in preparation for your big day. And the tricky thing is that you don’t have a second chance to get your perfect memories. Therefore I started a mini post series on wedding photos – how to make up your mind, how to decide which photographer to choose, what to prepare etc. So here is the sixth part:

6. Enjoy
7. Be patient

Enjoy – Forget about the photographer, enjoy the moment and be happy

It is your big day, so please don’t spoil it by trying to look perfect all the time. By worrying about your make-up or hair or green things between your teeth…

Actually I completely forgot about Bianca. I was so busy being in the moment and soaking up every little detail, that I honestly didn’t think of her until she came to say good-bye at 10pm. I was very glad to learn afterwards that my sister had offered her food and drinks (I am normally a good host!). And I was absolutely thrilled when I saw all the wonderful photos she made – completely from the background without asking anyone to pose or move out of her way.

If you want to see more pics, please just head to her post about our wedding on her blog.

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