Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birth Class No 1

Today we had our first childbirth class. 5 hours full of signs of labour, birth positions, pain management, birth DVDs, ...

Although I have read tons of books and heard millions of stories from other mums, the class wasn’t in vain.

My key learnings from this class are:
  • If I am still smiling, then I am not in active labour, yet. So, no need to panic and rush to the hospital just yet.  
  • Spend as much of early labour as possible at home. It can last for up to 16 hours. So make yourself comfortable and distract yourself. Watch a DVD. Read. Play backgammon. Sleep. Eat. Take a walk.
  • Do whatever feels good. Try different positions: sitting, lying, kneeling, walking,... . Try hot packs. Try massage.
  • Relaxation CDs make me aggressive. So I better put all my Cafe del Mar CDs onto my iPod.
  • Keep on breathing! No specific technique required. Just try to keep it slow and regular.
  • However painful the labour might be: it is just one day in your life. And you are working towards a wonderful result: your baby!
The highlight for me was to have a look at the delivery rooms and the recovery rooms. Somehow it gave me so much confidence just to know how the rooms look like and what a calm atmosphere there was in the ward.

Other things that made me vey happy: my lovely husband can stay with us day and night (even in the theatre, if a C-section is required), my lovely baby will stay with us in our room all the time (in case she is not sick!) and I can use my mobile and my laptop (in case the labour really drags on).
Well, I am almost looking forward to labour now. Well, almost. But I definitely look forward to our second class next Saturday.

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