Friday, April 16, 2010

Virtual Window Shopping

Sometimes I just cannot resist. I know I shouldn’t do it. Because first I feel great and get totally lost. And then I ‘wake up’ and recognise that I cannot have it. It seems to be so close. But it is too far away...

I am talking about virtual window shopping at H&M. I know it doesn’t sound too exciting if you live in Europe. But if you live in Australia, it is hard. For whatever reason H&M hasn’t detected the southern hemisphere as promising market, yet. And boy, I can tell you it would be a big hit. Because Australian girls are fashionable. And they like to dress up. And they like even more if fashion doesn’t cost a fortune. So, H&M please take my advice. Open a couple of stores in the main cities and you will make a fortune...

Although we are in the middle of Australian autumn, I still fell in love with all those wonderful maritime outfits currently available at H&M. I think nautical never goes out of fashion. It always airs summer, freshness, sophistication and leaves room for fashionable twists. You can dress it up or down. Add sparkle, bright colours, denim or crisp whites.

casual meets bling

mermaid meets gold nugget

blue denim meets yellow lacquer

All outfits from here. And all under 40 EUR


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