Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pierogi Night

Last night a good friend of mine invited us to a Pierogi night. Pierogi are a national Polish dish. They look a bit like “Maultaschen” (German) or “Dumplings” (Chinese) or “Ravioli” (Italian). They taste totally different though – much better of course – I was told by my friend A., who is originally from Poland.

After we nagged for about a year, she finally agreed to cook Pierogi for and with us last night. We were 6 girls with different cooking skills (very basic to almost chef-like) and backgrounds (Polish, German, Australian).

It turned out that make Pierogi is really easy. It is a lot of fun – especially with 5 other girls and lots of bubbly ;-). And it tastes devine.

Basic recipe for Pierogi with Potato &Bacon Filling

Dough (for about 50 Pierogi, approx. 6 hungry girls):
Pour 1kg flour on work bench. Create a little mountain with a whole in the middle. Add 1 egg, a dash of salt and warm water bit by bit and knead it until you get a firm but smooth dough. Add more water to make it smoother, add more flour if it is too sticky. (Attention: tough workout, you sure do not have to go to the gym for a while)

Filling: Potatoes & Bacon
Peel and boil 5 large potatoes until soft. Fry small bacon bits until crunchy. Add two chopped spring onions, salt and pepper and fresh parsley. Let the potato mixture cool.

Topping: Onion and Bacon
Fry onions and bacon in a bit of oil until crispy.

Roll dough out flat on a floured work bench (about 3mm) and use a drinking glass to cut out circles. Put a tablespoon (or a bit more) of the filling in the middle of the dough circle and fold over the dough to form a half circle. Use fingers or fork to press edges together.

Cook Pierogi in boiling water until they float and drain
Bake or fry Pierogi in butter

Garnish with topping and serve with sour cream


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