Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Work is over

Today was my last day at work.

On the one hand I was really happy, because the last few weeks have been getting more and more exhausting. I am not a morning person anyway, but in the last couple of days getting out of bed was almost impossible. The walk to the tram was so tiring. Sitting all day at my desk was uncomfortable. In presentations I literally had to gasp for air (my lungs are just too squashed up by now). And by 3pm I could have fallen asleep on my desk.

On the other hand I am sad, because my lovely colleagues made it really hard for me to leave. They took me out to wonderful girl lunches. They constantly offered me help to carry things. They toasted me with drinks. They gave me a huge card full of best wishes and a wonderful baby carrier as farewell present... In one word: they made it just incredible hard for me not to see them 5 days a week anymore.

Oh well, but now it is done. All my projects are finished. Handovers have happened. Invoices are checked. The goodbye email is sent. Work is over for now!

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