Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding Photos – Part IV

On Wednesdays I share everything wedding with you: tips, projects, organisation, photos, faux-pas, fun things and golden rules I ‘learned’ from my own wedding. I feel I need to give something back to the fabulous blog community who helped me stay sane and enjoy every second of my ‘big day'
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Wedding photos are such a difficult decision you make in preparation for your big day. And the tricky thing is that you don’t have a second chance to get your perfect memories. Therefore I started a mini post series on wedding photos – how to make up your mind, how to decide which photographer to choose, what to prepare etc. So here is the fourth part:
  1. Inspiration
  2. Research
  3. Briefing
  4. Reality Check
  5. Take your time
  6. Enjoy
  7. Be patient 
Reality Check

One thing I hadn’t considered at all was showing my photographer Bianca the actual location of the wedding beforehand. Luckily, being the professional wedding photographer she is, she suggested to arrange our initial meeting at the venue and then walk to the church together as well. This allowed her to evaluate the light, the distances and the room as well as to find some awesome backgrounds and views for special photo opportunities, e.g. the big group photo, the view from the pulpit down to the wedding ceremony and through the window of our venue.

So take that time and show your photographer the ‘stage’ of your big day, preferably at the same time of day. That allows him/ her to be optimally prepared for the big day in terms of equipment and think of perfect arrangements. It also helps to check whether some of your wishes are realistic or not beforehand, so there is still enough time to find alternatives

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