Monday, April 12, 2010

12 on the 12th April

My favourite blog initiative ever. On the 12th of each month, bloggers around the globe take 12 photos of their daily life and post them. Not only great for getting to know other bloggers but also as a personal visual diary. So please join the fun with Caro here
* * *

Summer is over in Melbourne and temperature is dropping – 14 C this morning, but there are still beautiful rosebuds to be seen...

... and cactus flowers.

Some window shopping on the way to work. Yes, there is an Idaho in St.Kilda...

... and a happy orange vintage window.

Cycling is great along the shore...

... but not on the roads. Therefore I rather take the tram.

More window shopping near my work. Happy dots and flowers and stripes at Specklefarm...

... and an amazing golden leather dress at Stable.

Mixed Japanese starter platter for lunch at Misuzu’s

Still lots of paperwork to do and only one more week left before I go on maternity leave...

... but the to-do-list doesn’t look too bad.

It’s only Monday and I am already sooo tired, so quickly jump on the tram and go home.

Hope you had a great 12th of April!