Saturday, April 24, 2010

One thing crossed off my ‘34 things to do before I turn 35’-list:

After I finished my mat-leave-to-do-list yesterday, I realised that I already have a wonderful to-do-list full of things which I promised to fulfil before I turn 35. 2 months of the 34-years-year have already past and I wasn’t able to cross anything off ;-( Until now!

7. be more eco-conscious
8. invest in art
9. be less impatient
Yes, it is true. I invested in an original, authentic piece of art. Gone are the days where my walls were filled with posters and IKEA prints of famous masterpieces. Now I am a serious art collector. And I promise you this is just the beginning. Whenever I have a bit of money to spend I will buy a new piece. I will constantly look for artists and their work that really connect with me – because I think this should be the only reason to buy art. Because it inspires you. Because you love to look at it. Because it is special to you. Not because it is by an upcoming artist. Not because it would make a great investment. It is art, for god sake, not a bond!

Water Dreaming by Sally Clark
I absolutely love it!!! The way she combined a treaking with the dotting technique. It is so vibrant! So powerful! So colourful! So abstract! So routed in nature! So special to me – it will always remind me of the wonderful land I saw here in Australia and the wonderful people I met here and the amazing stories I heard.

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