Saturday, April 3, 2010

Art Saturday

Today Andi and I headed to the city. For a bit of art window shopping. We really want to buy an original aboriginal piece of art before we go back to Germany in August. Something that will always remind us of the amazing time we spent down under. Of Australia’s unique landscapes. People. Traditions. Animals. Plants. Colours.

After being to a couple of galleries, it became clear to us again that Aboriginal art is not one but a multitude of different art schools. There are many as there are Aboriginal people and languages and environments.

Colourful & Abstract: Bush Yams by Evelyn Pultara

Monochrome & Minimalistic: Salt on Mina Mina by Dorothy Napangardi

Earthy & Folky: Uwalki Tjuta by Mitjili Napurrula

The next one is our favourite. Unfortunately it is a bit expensive. Worth every penny, but I am afraid we have to win the lottery before we can afford it. Still, just a pleasure to look at

Kangaroo Hunter by Kurun Warun

In general we had a wonderful inspirational day. It is amazing what art can do to you. Filling your heart and head with colours and thoughts and images.

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