Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Birthday to-do-List

34 things to do before I turn 35:

  1. take more photos of everyday life (not only of ‘special events’)
  2. embrace change
  3. have a healthy, happy little daughter
  4. think more about what I want and act accordingly
  5. cycle a lot
  6. have more parties
  7. be more eco-conscious
  8. invest in art
  9. be less impatient
  10. go to Italy – not just for the food, but also...
  11. make my first pork roast
  12. spend more time outside
  13. find an alf (alternative living form/ alternative Lebensform), which makes work and life and love and baby compatible
  14. wear high heels more often
  15. become a child again
  16. move back to Berlin
  17. keep the love magic
  18. manage to be a happy person with less sleep (see no 3)
  19. pay someone to do my taxes for me
  20. enjoy living near the beach while it lasts
  21. realise more of the amazing craft ideas I am collecting
  22. keep on blogging
  23. spend more time with my family
  24. cook an amazing polenta
  25. buy less, recycle more
  26. turn my new apartment into a beach house
  27. be more open to (justified and constructive) criticism
  28. enjoy the pleasures of ‘real ‘winter
  29. live more in the now and worry less about the future
  30. make more fashion myself – sew & customise
  31. travel to countryside Japan
  32. finish my baby quilt BEFORE the little one is born
  33. keep my plants alive
  34. be more courageous

I know my birthday was more than a week ago, but it still counts, doesn’t it? So hurray for the power of birthday-to-do-lists!!!

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