Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Double Happiness

On Wednesdays I share everything wedding with you: tips, projects, organisation, photos, faux-pas, fun things and golden rules I ‘learned’ from my own wedding. I feel I need to give something back to the fabulous blog community who helped me stay sane and enjoy every second of my ‘big day’.
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image from here

Do you know that the Chinese character for wedding consists of two ‘happiness’ characters? So literally translated wedding means ‘double happiness’ in Chinese.

I think that is so sweet, because for me that is the essence of each wedding and marriage. Or at least this should be the essence. Two people want to spend their life together, because together they are twice as happy as they would be on their own.

I always thought of ways to incorporate this character into my wedding decoration. Because of its wonderful meaning and its visual beauty. In the end I couldn’t come up with a great idea that had any connection to us as a couple. So I thought at least I can post this idea here and maybe inspire someone else ;-)

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