Saturday, February 13, 2010

Big Birthday Beach BBQ – not

Unfortunately even Australian summers are not predictably hot and sunny. My wonderful beach party plans fell through (im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes ins Wasser gefallen). When I woke up it rained and it didn’t stop for the next couple of hours. Since there is no point in sitting on wet sand with a strong southerly breeze making you shiver even more, I decided to postpone my party.

I am not that flexible with plans on my birthday – especially when it involves cancelling fun on the beach with my friends – I have to admit, but now that I am a year wiser... I managed to still have a wonderful day. Not too hard with the support of these wonderful things:
  • Unpacking pressies full of books, beautiful maternity shirts, crafting material and a voucher for an original piece of Aboriginal art which I can pick myself.
  • A wonderful lunch cooked by my love.
  • Many calls, texts and emails from my Aussie friends.
  • Some extensive necklace crafting in the afternoon.
  • A lovely dinner for two, uhmm three.
  • Lots of birthday calls, Facebook messages and emails from Germany. 
  • One of my favourite movies on DVD – Ocean’s 13, funny, clever and exciting every time you see it

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