Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh Baby, it’s Monday & TOP 5 Children Books

It is the 15th again – so it is time for reading. And time for sharing my favourite books with you. Because today is a Monday and thus also Oh Baby, it’s Monday day, this month it is all about Children Books.

My mum used to read stories to us every night – from when we were very little and just loved to hear her soothing voice until we became teenagers and almost to cool to listen to bedtime stories. I have very fond memories of this daily night time rituals and it is one of the things I definitely want to do with my little ones as well. Reading. Every. Night. Actually I cannot wait to read all those wonderful stories again.

My favourites were (and still are):

Das Traumfresserchen
The perfect good-night-story for all children who are afraid of nightmares and dream of monsters. The “Traumfresserchen” simply eats all bad dreams. Because it is always hungry. So reassuring!!!

Wilbur und Charlotte
The wonderful friendship of a pig and a spider. Coping with death is a big topic, but the ending nevertheless is positive and full of hope.

Ferien auf Saltkrokan
My dream holiday as a child. Lots of children, the Swedish coast and lots of adventures to be mastered. I still want to go to Saltkrokan, but I couldn’t find it on any map.

Story of a very cute little mouse who keeps on collecting sun and words and colours – despite all other mice stocking up on seeds and nuts for winter.

Die Kleine Hexe
A little witch in the making who has a hard time fighting against an evil witch while still learning her ‘trade’. You cannot help but feeling sorry for her when one of her tricks goes terribly wrong again.

Now, please help me to fill the library of my little one.

=> What are YOUR favourite 5 children books?

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