Friday, February 26, 2010

Visibly pregnant

Ok, it is official now – I am pregnant. I know at 27 weeks that is no real news, but suddenly I and my growing baby seem to be in the public eye.

I don’t know what happened in the last couple of days, but obviously something did happen. I still wear the same clothes, my belly hasn’t stretched immensely over night, I still walk and not waddle (yet!), I still have or haven’t got that certain glow…


On the tram people suddenly get up and offer me a seat. Very sweet, although it does make me feel like an old granny. But still nice!

Now strangers want to talk with me about my pregnancy. Very weird! Especially since I often don’t get it. Example: The lady at the bakery asks me how long I have to go. And I answer; “Oh just across the street”. Of course she wanted to know how many more months until delivery ;-)

People at work are suddenly very concerned that I might fall. Which is a concern taking into account my general clumsiness, but now not more than in the previous 33 years.

Boys/ men now look at my belly first. Not my eyes. Not my boobs (and with the extra bonus of the pregnancy they are not bad either). No! Always my belly. And often that is where their looks stop as well. I guess I am out of the whole flirting game for a while. Unless I hide my belly. So flirting out of the car or tram window should still work.

No rubbing of my belly so far though. Thank God! At least not from strangers and my friends are always welcomed to rub my back, my belly, my arms, my legs… And actually I would love a little massage right now ;-)

Have a good weekend, lovely readers! With massages and everything else you are craving for.

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