Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Weekend Away

I know it is only Thursday, but still all I can think of is the next weekend. And our trip to Wilsons Prom . All Victorians, please skip the next paragraph, because OF COURSE you know what Wilsons Prom is. All others please keep on reading...

Wilsons Promontory is supposed to be one of the most beautiful national parks in Victoria, if not Australia. It is at the south-most point of the Australian mainland and only a three-hour drive from Melbourne. There are beautiful sandy beaches (Squeaky Beach with its pure white quartz sand being the most famous for its funny noise when you walk over it), rainforest and costal walks (from 30min to 6 hours), mountains with amazing views of the coast and Bass Strait, several hundred species of birds, koalas, wallabies and wombats.

Which all makes it even more incomprehensible and unforgivable that in 2.5 years we haven’t managed to go there. Maybe it is because it is almost too close to home. So you always think you can go there any weekend. Without any planning or preparations. And so it never happens. But now with the birth of our first child, we suddenly try really hard to make all kinds of things happen. Go to fancy restaurants where you have to book 6 weeks in advance. See exhibitions we always wanted to go to. Go to the movies. Go camping and hiking. ... In short do everything which might still be possible with a baby, but potentially requires much more preparation and stress.

I will try to finish work tomorrow as soon as possible and head straight out of the city. I hope by doing that I can avoid the Friday-afternoon-traffic. Which is as any Friday-afternoon-traffic in any city of the world – just crazy, nerve-wracking, annoying, insanely slow and aggressive. Andi will already go there in the morning and take his ‘baby’ aka Harley Davidson motorcycle. Ah, these are the great advantages of being your own boss. I almost forgot about them ;-)

Anyway, the weather forecast is good, the camp ground is booked (which is not as easy as it sounds – this national park is just insanely popular and the accommodation possibilities inside the park are so limited, that there is a), the car will be packed tonight (with tent, air-mattress, sleeping bags, camping chairs, esky full of canned food, sunglasses and raincoats, cameras...) and we are ready to go. Finally!!!

So, dear readers, I hope you survive the rest of your working week and look as much forward to your weekend as I do! Enjoy! I will be back on Sunday night. Hopefully with tons of pictures and the success story of seeing a wombat in the wild. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please!

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