Thursday, March 25, 2010

State of Emergency

Don’t worry – there is nothing to be concerned about, but the Australian Grand Prix starts today. I am not a motorsport fan at all, but if you live as close to the circuit as I do there is no way you can avoid it. There is a huge traffic jam every morning, because a few streets are closed. The Melbourne Aquatic Centre is closed, so I cannot do my regular swimming laps. Parking within a radius of 10km is impossible. It will be very noisy – not only from the formula 1 cars, but also because of the strafer at the opening ceremony and the mass of visitors who stay at the serviced apartments in the front building.

Since there is nothing you can do and we didn’t really want to flee from the city, Andi and I decided to

* leave the car in the underground parking until next week
* take public transport to work
* stay at home as much as possible
* put some earplugs onto our bedside table
and just wait till the whole thing is over.

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