Monday, March 15, 2010

Top 5 Kids Crafting Books

It is the 15th again – so it is time for reading. And time for sharing my favourite books with you. Because today is a Monday and thus also Oh Baby, it’s Monday day, this month it is all about Books with Crafting Ideas for Kids.

My favourites in this category are:

Simple Sewing for Baby by Lotta Jansdotter
(in German and English)
24 easy projects – and yes even for beginners at the sewing machine they are easy to handle. They are just based on very clever ideas (which is something I love!) combined with a wonderful sense of Scandinavian style (which I love as well!). I really cannot tell you which item I love best. Maybe the stamp-decorated bodysuits? Or the soft book? Or the baby hat? I am sure, however, that I will show you many items made according to the instructions of this book in the next couple of weeks.

Little Stiches for Little Ones/Nähen für die Kleinsten by Amy Butler
(in German and English)
20 different baby and toddler items – from blankets to nappy bags, from clothes to toys. My absolute favourite is the little kimono dress. I haven’t tried it though because it looks a bit more complicated. But I think it is definitely worth the effort!

Meet me at Mike’s by Pip Lincolne
(in English only)
Not only baby- and kids-related project, but all of them are so sweet that you can easy just turn them into presents for kids. I think my little girl will grow up in Pip’s Yoga pants. They look so cute and comfy and are sooooo easy to make.

Unlike in my other top 5 book posts, in which I just mention books which I have read and own, this time round I have to write also about 2 books which are still on my wish list. Because with being pregnant for the first time, I am just not well-equipped enough with books in this category. Yet! ;-) So the top 2 of my wish list are:

The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule
(in English only)
I have such wonderful memories of crafting with my parents when I was a child that I just cannot wait to get creative with and for our daughter. And I hope that I can build a similar desire for crafting in the little one as well ;-)

Baby Stuff by Aranzi Aronzo
(in English only)
I really do have a soft spot for Japanese crafts. They are either beautifully simplistic or incredibly kaweii (cute). Obviously the little creatures in this book are in the kaweii category, but I hope they are also easy to do so that I can make lots and lots of them ;-

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