Thursday, March 18, 2010

Movie Night

One thing everyone tells me to do before the little one arrives is going to the cinema. Sure there are mum and bub screenings, but it is difficult to get lost in a movie if you constantly want to check whether your sweetie is still alright. Sure there are also DVDs and home-cinema-projectors, but I just love the smell of popcorn and old dusty velvet too much.

Therefore my lovely husband and I decided to go to the cinema tonight. To watch a real adult-mature audience only movie (no, that is not what you think!!!). With lots of action, loud screaming (not good with a sleeping baby), a contemporary topic, a big conspiracy, heart-racing suspense and my all-time-favourite actor Matt Damon. In short:

As a huge fan of the Bourne trilogy my expectations towards this new teamwork of the director Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon are immense. I cannot wait and hope that I won't be disappointed.

So dear friends, you see, we DO take your suggestions seriously ;-)

Have a wonderful Thursday night!

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