Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh Oscar!

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I just saw that there is live coverage of the 82nd Academy Awards on Australian TV tomorrow. On Channel NINE from 12.30 to 4pm. The reason I got so excited about this is that we have a public holiday in Victoria tomorrow and that means I can actually watch it ;-) From start to finish. From the red carpet to the final tears on stage.

I think the reason why I didn’t had it on my radar is that in Germany the award ceremony was always in the middle of the night (due to the time difference). On a night from Sunday to Monday. So only the hard core movie fans stayed up all night and pulled a sicky on Monday. Although I love the award ceremony the utmost for me was to get up on Monday morning at 5am (two hours before I actually had to get out of bed – woah!) with a really strong coffee and watch the ‘most important’ awards like actress and actor in a leading role. Best movie was usually decided by then.

But this year... the time difference and the public holiday are on my side. Hurray!

I know I am late. Too late to organise a proper party! Too late to decorate my living room! Too late to do any Oscar-related crafting! And there are so many wonderful ideas to be found at OnePrettyThing:

And here are even more ideas from last year’s roundup!

Anyway, although I am late for most things, I am not too late to have a great afternoon. Dressed in high-heels and a little black dress! With popcorn! With preggie-champagne (aka sparkling apple juice)! With a bit of embroidery during the less exciting categories (I know it is rude and categories like best film editing deserve publicity as well, but hey I am 13.000km away and sit well-hidden on my sofa – they won’t see me!)! I cannot wait!!!

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