Saturday, March 20, 2010

Magnolia Square

Lucky me. Today (and for the past two days) Magnolia Square is happening just around the corner from my apartment. For everyone who doesn’t know what Magnolia Square is – it is a beautiful market for creative, handmade crafts, please have a look here if you want to know about it. It is always held at different locations and this time it was at the beautiful St.Kilda Townhall.

Since I really couldn’t spend too much money (so much baby things to buy, living on one income and all that annoying money stuff), I just took $40, no credit card and my lovely husband along. ;-) And boy, that was very wise. Otherwise I would have to spend all my money – and more. It was just amazing what wonderful things could be found there.

My favourites included:

Cocktail Umbrella Art by Love, AJ

Darkness Sunrise Pendant by Lola &Bailey

Penguins Collage by Printspace

Stamp Set ‘Cape Otway Coast’ by TwoDegrees

Tea Towel by Nell Design

Silhouette Art by Bride & Wolfe 

In the end, my husband ended up spending all the money ;-) On this lovely mouse. It is adorable to see him getting into little girls’ things in preparation for our baby.

Mouse in a red-and-white dress by Gertie and me

So if you are in Melbourne, make sure to visit those lovely creative people at St.Kilda Town Hall until 5pm tonight. You won’t regret it!!!

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