Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rearranging my apartment for the baby – Part II

Saturday, the perfect day to do the second part of the apartment rearrangement.

After finishing the baby feeding area in our apartment yesterday, I looked after the sleeping area for our little one today.

  1. a comfy bassinette – yes, it is the one from our pram, but we will also use it in our bedroom. You know, multi-functional is the motto when you are moving overseas in 3 months. When we are back in Germany she will get a beautiful cot, but in the beginning I think babies prefer the cosiness of a little bassinette anyway.
  2. her cute and 100% safe sleeping bag – sent to us by her concerned nanna from Germany. As a paediatrician she knows that the safest way for babies to sleep is either to be swaddled or put into a tight-fitting sleeping bag like this one. Ahhh, I wish they would come in adult-sizes as well ;-)
  3. the Pacific Ocean – a beautiful Aboriginal-art-inspired painting made by her dad. So she will have ocean view right from the start. Lucky little girl. I find the ‘monotony’ of the dots and the amazing blues, whites and sea greens extremely calming and I hope little dottie feels the same.
  4. reading light – I heard in the beginning new parents tend to go a bit crazy over whether the baby is still breathing, fine, sleeping... and constantly want to check on them. The little reading light hopefully gives enough light for us to see her, but not enough light to wake her up.
  5. tissues – another box of tissues cannot hurt, although Chris pointed out that might not be enough, especially for milk overproduction on mum’s behalf , I might have to deposit a few small towels there as well, thanks so much for the tip from an experienced mum of two.
  6. mama – most important for baby’s good sleep as my best friend reassured me, she said as long as mama is near little babies can sleep everywhere, I so hope this is true.
  7. colourful Japanese paper balls – very hypnotising to look at, make your eyes go droopy and baby very very sleeeeeeppppyyyy
  8. her little fellas – Sammy the Tasman tiger and Greta her little mouse in the red checked dresses bought here a couple of weeks ago. Until she is old enough to treat them well, they will watch her from a safe distance though ;-)
  9. more books for mum or baby – I am not sure how much bedtime reading there will be for me in the next couple of months, so maybe ‘Mother Tongue’ and ‘Wer bin ich und wenn ja wie viele?’ will soon be replaced by ‘The Going to Bed Book' and ‘Blinky Bill’
Tomorrow all I have to do is tackle the nappy change area and then we are really for baby to move in with us – that is a broad hint (or a ‘Wink mit dem Zaunpfahl’) for you, little dottie. We cannot wait to meet you!

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