Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Movies

I finished No 8 on my mat-leave-to-do list today. Right on time because I had to give the movies back to the video rental today. But I managed to watch them all in the last couple of days...

... and I loved them all – more or less passionately.

‘Young Victoria’
What an amazing movie! In my opinion it would have deserved more academy awards than ‘just’ for best costume. The actors are all amazing, the story is gripping, sad, happy and just wonderful. I learned what a lonely life the queen that gave our state its name had before meeting the love of her life. And my current hometown was named after the prime minister of England Lord Melbourne.

‘Rabbit Proof Fence’
Maybe not the best movie to watch when you are pregnant. So sad. So real. And so focussed on the loss of children. The stolen generation in Australia to be precise. Up till the 1970 children of Aboriginal descent were taken away from their mothers to teach them the white way of life. Absolutely unimaginable! Highlights are the young actors and the powerful images of the Australian outback. Lots of crying involved on my end, but so worth watching. Incredibly touching!

‘Slumdog Millionaire’
I know it is hard to believe that I hadn’t seen this movie before. After all the hype when it won 8 academy awards. Well-deserved, I have to say. All the key ingredients of a bollywood drama minus the dancing. A hero from the slums. A beautiful girl. Some gangsters who do anything for money and power. A view in the backyards and slums of Mumbai. Wow!

A very different kind of road movie. Two drag queens and a transsexual travel with their pink bus through the Australian desert to get on stage in the middle of nowhere (aka Alice Springs). Crazy, colourful, over-the top, lots of sequins and highheels. Very very lavender!

‘The September Issue’
A documentary offering an interesting view behind the scenes of the editorial department of the American Vogue. Anna Wintour is as unfriendly and stiff as you imagined her to be after watching ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. I am really surprise she approved this documentary, but maybe she wasn’t aware about how revealing it would be.

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