Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rearranging my apartment for the baby – Part III

Of the three basic baby areas in our apartment, we already finished the first two
1. a feeding area
2. a sleeping area
3. a nappy changing area

So today the last task was to create a nappy changing area.

Because we don’t really have room for a permanent nappy change area, we had to come up with a simple and portable version. Here I put the changing mat on the ottoman next to the feeding area, but we can also put it onto out bed, into the bathroom, onto the table or floor. Let’s see what will be the most comfortable and practical solution for us.

  1. a changing pad – I got this one from Target, but you can get them from everywhere, it is just a standard plastic one, which is water-repellent and can be easily wiped clean. Because I don’t want the little one to have to lie on plastic, I have quickly sewed a pair of covers made from super-soft cotton fabric. They can be thrown in the washing machine easily.
  2. a toy – to distract the little one from having to lie still for a couple of minutes, maybe more important once they get a bit older, in the beginning they are happy to lie and watch you, aren’t they ;-) Or maybe this is just wishful thinking?
  3. a box full of clothes – I have two boxes in total, one contains all baby clothes in size 0000 () and one in size 000. I hope my little one will not grow out of all of them in the first 3 months, because my plan is to buy all bigger clothes when we are back in Germany. Which will save us hopefully a lot of precious luggage space and weight on the flight home.
  4. a toiletry box – containing hopefully everything you need for all kinds of nappy change challenges and which is portable as well, at the moment the following items are in that little box: nappies, baby wipes, nappy rash cream and nappy sacks. 
The only thing still missing is a mobile for entertainment and distraction during the nappy change. This will be my next crafting project. Apart from that...

... voila, the apartment is ready for you, little dottie ;-)

And no 6 is finally ticked off my mat leave to-do-list as well.

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