Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tick! Tick!

Today I managed to tick two more things off my mat-leave-to-do-list. A couple of strong contractions this morning really helped to kick my ass. They went away without anything major happening, but they were kind of warning shots that anytime now the real deal can happen. So I better get all the things done NOW...

1. Read at least one book with 400+ pages from cover to cover STARTED TODAY
2. Finish the embroidery on my baby quilt
3. Back a cake
4. Go to the hairdresser for a great haircut DONE
5. Make a dummy band
6. Rearrange the furniture in our apartment to have room for the little one
7. Have a Thai take-away dinner in our car at the beach DONE TODAY
8. Watch all the movies I always wanted to see but never got around to DONE  and DONE
9. Make a few warm baby jackets
10. Look for nice music to put on my iPod

No 1
I went to the local library and brought two books home. Not 400 pages each, but at least together 400 pages. The amazing thing is – they are German although the topic is Australian. So what, you might say, but for someone who gets German books about once every 6 months (if a dear friend or family member sends some from Germany or if an extravagant order from Amazon arrives) this is something special. Of course I can read English books and my reading speed has increased immensely over the past 3 years, but there is nothing more relaxing than bedside reading in your mother language. Ahhhhh, I cannot wait to go to bed today ;-)

No 7
The weather was amazing today and since my lovely husband wasn’t under the pump today, he took me for a wonderful Thai takeaway to our favourite spot on the beach. The weather was amazing – sunny but cool and the sea calm as a mirror. 1 hour lunch break that felt like a week of holiday.

Have a beautiful Tuesday everyone!

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