Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mature Audience Party

Last night we threw a party for our friends. Potentially the last before we have our baby. A pre-baby party so to speak. Since we didn’t want it to turn into a baby shower, we called it a “mature audience party” following the Australian movie classification “recommended for mature audience only”.

In line with the theme there were

sexual references – especially in the dancing after midnight ;-)

strong coarse language – well, I guess it was more mild swearing at one point but I think it still counts


drug use – but very moderately and only beer, wine and some cigarettes.

Together with the tried and tested mixture of Australian BBQ and German pop music, it just ticked all the boxes of a great night in. Thanks so much, guys! We really had a wonderful time and cannot wait to throw our first after-baby party for you.

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