Friday, May 28, 2010

Quick changing mat cover

As I am still waiting for my little one to have her big entrance into the world, I thought you might want to know how I did the super-easy, super-cosy changing mat cover, which I showed you last week. It doesn’t really deserve the name tutorial, because it is that simple.

All you need is a standard, plastic-covered changing mat:

A soft, cotton fabric about twice as wide and a about 20cm longer than the changing mat:
plus needles, sewing machine and matching threat.

First you lie the fabric flat on the floor – right side facing up – (a little ironing wouldn't have hurt either ;-)), seam the short ends of the fabric (or use blankets that are already seamed like I did) and place the changing mat on top – roughly in the middle of the piece of fabric:

Fold first one side...

... and then the other side over the changing mat:

Pin upper and bottom ends of the fabric together (with the changing mat still inside) and make sure the seam is not too tight, then remove the changing mat and sew the top and bottom seams together:

Turn the finished cover ...

...and voila. You have a warm and comfortable cover for the plastic changing mat. They are super-easy to wash, so just make sure you make more than one. That way you always have one at hand if the first one needs a washing.

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