Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crazy bookworm

I have been to the public library this week to stock up on reading material. And boy, after I had all these wonderful books at home...

... there was no stopping me.

I finished the first book in one long night of reading...

... all 511 pages. The thriller was just too exciting and I just loved that feeling of getting lost between the covers.

So, hurray, I had a wonderful time and I ticked off no1 of my mat-leave-to-do-list:

1. Read at least one book with 400+ pages from cover to cover DONE and DONE again!!!
2. Finish the embroidery on my baby quilt
3. Back a cake
4. Go to the hairdresser for a great haircut DONE
5. Make a dummy band DONE yesterday
6. Rearrange the furniture in our apartment to have room for the little one DONE, DONE and DONE
7. Have a Thai take-away dinner in our car at the beach DONE
8. Watch all the movies I always wanted to see but never got around to DONE and DONE
9. Make a few warm baby jackets
10. Look for nice music to put on my iPod

I have to say, I am really impressed on how many things I was able to tick off my list. Well, it wasn’t too difficult
a) because they were all nice things
b) because I had so much time and energy in the last couple of weeks.

Hope you got around to do some things you wanted to do for ages as well!

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