Friday, January 14, 2011

Fabric Shopping Spree

Today I had a wonderful fabric shopping spree. I met with Catherine from Cat-und-Kascha at the market on Maybach Ufer. Besides wonderful fresh food, you can also buy there incredibly affordable fabrics. Catherine and I found out that we do not only share a passion for sewing, retro fashion and the colour red, but that we also have very similar fabric shopping behaviour: browse, strike whenever we see something beautiful and then buy a couple of metres, so that we have enough fabric no matter what we are going to make out of it (dress, skirt,...).And since I didn’t have anything on my shopping list – en contraire, I didn’t need anything at all – I found wonderful things:

bright pink lining fabric

beautiful ribbons

and wonderful thick jersey (grey with pink and turquoise graphic flowers), which was a perfect gift for my sewing-addicted friend N., who is expecting twins and doesn’t know whether they will be boys or girls or a boy and a girl.

After our successful shopping spree, Catherine and I dried our children (it was pouring with rain all the time and still we kept on moving from one stall to the next) and had a wonderful lunch. And chatted, chatted and chatted. Although we have just met once before. Amazing what interesting people you can meet through blogging. And if you are lucky, they live right around the corner ;-) I am looking forward to our next meeting, Catherine!


Catherine said...

So do I!! :-)

Mein Stoff ist leider immer noch weg, im Cafe war er nicht und der Stand war gestern nicht da. Ich geh Dienstag noch mal gucken. Ausgerechnet der Jersey! Ich hatte mich schon völlig auf ein gepunktetes Kleid eingeschossen...

Konnte mir aber trotzdem den schönen Ausflug nicht verderben.
Liebe Grüße, Catherine

* Ninotschka * said...

Ach, so ne Mist. Druecke die Daumen, dass du nochmal so schoenen festen Puenktchen-Jersey findest. Oder vielleicht sogar deine Schatz-Tuete. Schoenen Sonntag noch!