Sunday, January 2, 2011

Birthday Survey & Giveaway

My first blog birthday, like my real birthday, is time for reflection. What did I like about the last year? What do I want to do in the next year? And since my little blog isn’t only about what I want but also about what YOU – dearest readers – want, I would like to make a little birthday survey with you. Don’t worry, it won’t be hard work for you. Au contraire, just 2 little questions to answer and lots of prizes to be won. It’s my blog’s first birthday after all ;-)

So all you have to do to win is:

Answer the following 2 questions (just leave a comment or send me an email until next Saturday, January 8th):

What do you like to read most in this little blog of mine? (e.g. travelling, crafting, reading, food, fashion, interior, babies, weddings, shopping, interior, personal stories about my life,...)

What do you currently miss in my little blog?

Among all who take part in this mini survey, I am going to raffle off some fantastic little blog birthday presents. Or sets of presents to be more precise. Five in total. And to keep up the excitement, I am going to unveil you one surprise pack on every day of this week.

Let’s start with the Fernweh-Wanderlust Surprise Pack

containing a bag from India - a wallet from Malaysia - hand wipes from Japan - a set of mini cards (to write down addresses or vocabulary) - and a pen from Australia

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