Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rien ne va plus

That’s it!

Das war’s!

The birthday survey is now officially closed! Thank you so much for taking part in my first blog survey ever! I am a bit disappointed that only two people left their feedback. That either means that you, dear readers, were too busy with other things. Or you hate surveys. Or you don't like the prizes. Or that no one really read my blog - despite the stats ;-(. I decided to believe one of the former reasons. Nevertheless thank you so much for giving me feedback, Catherine and Chris. I am taking your suggestions very seriously and will definitely include them in my plan for the new blogging year. Of course I am going to share my plans with you as soon as I am done with planning.

But first of all I want to give away the surprise sets...

... and since there are 2 winners and 5 prizes, it doesn't really make sense to do a draw. Instead I suggest that you just let me know which sets you would like to get, Catherine and Chris, and I am going to send them to you. So please make your choice of the following (and don't forget to email me your postal address as well):

the Fernweh-Wanderlust Surprise Pack...

... the Oh Baby it’s Monday Surprise Pack...

... the Top 5 Books Surprise Pack...

... the Wedding Wednesday Surprise Pack...

... and the Fabulous Crafting Surprise Pack.

The other 5 winners of my birthday give away, are of cause my dear regular readers, who each get one of these Regular Reader Surprise Packs...

Svenja alias Tofina from it’s my territory
Jolijou alias Andrea from jolijou
Jane from Frau mit Frosch
Sternchen from sternchen

Girls, please just email me your address to and the surprise packs are on their way to your mailbox.

Thanks again to all who took part in the survey and left me valuable feedback! Have a lovely Saturday!

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Catherine said...

Schön! Aber irgendwie auch komisch, dass fast neimand mitgemacht hat?!
Wie wärs denn mit einer Übergabe mal auf dem Samstagsstoffmarkt plus Kaffee am hinteren Ende?
LG! Catherine