Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st Blog Birthday & New Year’s Day

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I know, it is the first birthday of this little blog of mine. So I should write a long post on how blogging has changed my life; about things that I will keep on doing and things I will stop doing; I should ask you, my dear readers, what you want to read more or less often; I should organise a give-away;


It is also New Year’s Day and therefore I will spend the day...

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...watching and listening to the New Year’s concert of the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra

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...eating some sour-marinated fish (although due to the fact that I am still breastfeeding I have no hangover this year)

...relaxing and looking forward to the new year!

So please be patient and I promise I will start doing all the blog birthday things tomorrow. Promised!

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