Saturday, January 15, 2011

TOP 5 Library Books

It is the 15th again – so it is time for reading. And time for sharing my favourite books with you.

Last week I borrowed a huge stack of books and DVDs from my local library. And I was amazed how much luck I had this time with the books I picked. Here are my favourite five:

Laura, Leo, Luca und ich – Stefan Maiwald
Very funny book about a young man (the author) who falls in love with an Italian girl – and has to survive as Tesdesco in her lovely Italian family. Heartwarming and even funnier than “Maria, ihm schmeck’s nicht”, I think.
In German only

Brick Lane – Monica Ali
Finally! I wanted to read this book for years now and somehow I didn’t manage to do so. Every time I was looking for something new to read, I forgot about this on. Anyway, it is amazing. It is even better than I anticipated. It is sad, happy, exotic, familiar... a brilliant story about an Indian girl who is married off to an older man in London.
In  English and German

Nacktbadestrand – Elfriede Vavrik
A wonderful book about love. The author describes her love stories when she was almost 80 years of age. Touching and inspiring.
In German only

206 Bones (Das Grab ist erst der Anfang) – Kathy Reichs
One of my favourite thriller authors. Her stories give me such goosebumbs that I still don’t dare to read them when I am at home by myself. This time her heroine is truly in the line of fire.
In English and German

Speaking in Tongues (Die Saat des Bösen )– Jeffery Deaver
Another master of thriller. I have read all his other stories so I was glad to find a new one – or at least it was new to me. Chilling as ever!
In English and German

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