Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blog Plans 2011

After my first blog birthday and my little blog survey, I sat down and thought about what to do and what to change on this little blog of mine. Basically I am still quite happy with what I write about – as cluttered and all over the place as this blog is, it represents quite well who I am and what I am passionate about. Therefore no big changes, but a few new (hopefully interesting) additions. Voila, here are my blog plans for this year:

created here

As with any good plan – it might change, evolve or be updated from time to time. I might focus more on some things than on others, but in general this is what you can expect. Or hopefully look forward to. Otherwise please let me know.

I love feedback. And I appreciate any comment, suggestion, idea and even criticism (yes, I am still working on this one). So, even if I do not ask you specifically, please do leave comments or send me an email.

Happy Sunday to all of you!

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