Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Highlights of Me Made February

Me Made February was really the greatest blog initiative I have ever taken part in.

 It was FUN: especially trying to take photos of myself, without automatic release, without tripod, but with dark winter skies, a clingy 9-months-old and a splotchy mirror ;-)

 It was INSPIRATION: new blogs, new creative people, new things on my to-do-list e.g.
 Vintage fashion like Catherine’s

 A ‘real’ or ‘fake’ underskirt like Dana’s

Print with stamps cut from old ‘isomatten’ as seen at Paula

Looking for fabrics in second hand shops (not matter what size or style the clothes have) as seen at Sanne

It was amazing SUPPORT: I have never expected so much positive feedback, so many encouraging comments, so constructive criticism and even a birthday present from a lovely reader

It was a KICK IN THE BUTT: to start dressing up again (even if you are just going to playgroup), to get some unfinished projects finally done and to start and finish new ones and to post on this blog EVERY day

It was a SUCCESS: I have posted one me made piece every day and finished one new me made piece every week. Here they are:
2 hairpieces
2 belts
2 skirts
3 brooches

4 earrings
7 necklaces

4 re-stylings of my favourite me made jeans dress

4 new me made accessories

So mission completed! Challenge met! Hurray!!!

Thank you so much, Cat for inventing Me Made February. For organising it. And for being our head. Our inspiration. Our shining star. Looking forward to our Me Made Mondays or Wednesdays. I am definitely in!

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Anonymous said...

Danke, Ninotschka, einfach nur D A N K E!
Deine Dana