Friday, March 11, 2011

Cupcake Party – Doyleys Mania

I love parties! I love to go to parties! I love to throw them! I think there are many things to celebrate, not only birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Easter. Therefore I now dedicated my Friday posts to parties: to creative party invitations, to easy-to-make party food, to party decorations that make all the difference... I hope you feel inspired by the festive atmosphere on Fridays and celebrate many small and big events.

I have to warn you. I always spend a lot of time and effort on my party decorations. In my opinion they add a lot to the overall party atmosphere which is not always easy to achieve. If I had a lot of money, I would spend it on lavish props, custom-made posters, fabrics to decorate every wall and every table. Unfortunately I am not Elton John, who can spend millions of pounds on his garden party decorations. So my decorations are usually self-made, recycled or repurposed, versatile or affordable.

The last party I threw was a cupcake party for my 35th birthday. It all started with my birthday being a Sunday this year and this pack of 250 white paper lace doyleys:

It all reminded me of the good old German traditions of having coffee and cake on Sundays. So that was to be the motto of my birthday party. And the theme for the decorations was pretty straightforward: doyleys, doyleys, doyleys. Because sometimes more is more. And more of one thing is wonderful and just a little tongue-in-cheek. So there were doyleys everywhere:

... under the spoons, the sugar sprinkler and milk jug...

... under the candles...

... under cupcakes and on the cupcake description cards...

... and even in the windows.

I love the old-fashioned, yet unusual look of the doyleys. I bought the pack with 250 doyleys in my favourite paper and party shop in Melbourne (Astoria Paper Products), but I am sure you get them in every bigger department store around the world, too. Maybe not for the dirt-cheap price of $3/250 doyleys, but nevertheless they won’t break the bank. And you won’t believe it – after all the decoration I still have about 200 doyleys left ;-)

I’ll be back next Friday with more from my cupcake party, but for now I wish you a wonderful weekend full of celebrations!

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