Thursday, March 3, 2011

Creative Shopping Heaven Berlin

After discovering their fabulous website last night and discovering that their shop is just 20min away, my daily midday walk ended by chance at

I spend a wonderful hour in this relatively small shop, because despite its small size it houses an amazing range of beautiful-beautiful things. Amazing children toys. Wonderful home decorations. Breathtaking stationary. And of course I couldn’t resist. I am very proud of myself, however, keeping my limited spending budget in mind that I just bought these

found here

Aren’t they a real sensible, economic purchase? Imagine how many different things you can make with them. I will never have to purchase a postcard anymore in my life. From now on I will make my own. Little pieces of art, personal and worth-to-keep, instead of overpriced, badly printed pictures of the Louvre, Bavarian castles or the London Eye. That’s a bargain, isn’t it?

While chatting with Nicole, one of the two lovely founders founders of schoener.waers.wenns.schoener.waer (it would be more beautiful if it was more beautiful), she told me that right across the street, at Moritzplatz, an amazing craft department store will open soon. A Modulor department store to be precise. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. For all of you who haven’t been to the Modulor store in Berlin before. This is the creative shopping heaven. They have specialised in materials of all kind. I think it is the best-known secret for all architects, model railway builders, artists and creative people of all kind. Their only disadvantage was that the hop itself was pretty small and you really had to dig to find all the amazing things. And now they are opening a multi-story department store this year. Huraay! I knew this part of Kreuzberg was up and coming. Well, just now I am sure ;-)

And for all of you who don’t live in Berlin, please don’t cry. Modulor has a great online shop as well.


Anonymous said...

Die Modulor-Baustelle beobachte ich mit großem Interesse. Die Baustelle selbst ist spannend. Das alte Bechsteinhaus mit den bronze verspiegelten Fenstern wurde entkernt und dann komplett umbaut. Und gerade habe ich den Eindruck, dass sie aus der zunächst geschlossenen Aussenfassade ( ich dachte noch:"Schade gar keine Fenster zum Moritzplatz hin")Fenster"löcher" ausschneiden.

Deine Stempel sind klasse. Ich fahre immer mit dem Rad an dem Laden vorbei und bin noch nie drinnen gewesen.....

* Ninotschka * said...

Hallo Wiebke, den Laden musst du allerdings auf eigene Gefahr hin betreten. Die Sachen sind alle sooooo toll, dass man am liebsten sein Konto plündern möchte. Und ich muss doch noch ein bißchen Geld übrig haben, wenn der Modulor-Himmel dann aufmacht ,-)