Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Bavarian Wedding

On Wednesdays I share everything wedding with you: tips, projects, organisation, photos, faux-pas, fun things and golden rules I ‘learned’ from my own wedding. I feel I need to give something back to the fabulous blog community who helped me stay sane and enjoy every second of my ‘big day’.

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My oldest friend from high school C. is getting married this summer. Since she has chosen me as her maid of honour – what an honour! – you surely will hear more about this Bavarian wedding in the next couple of months.

And a Bavarian wedding at its best it will be. Celebrated in a little town south of Munich. With a bride and a groom from Munich. In traditional costumes – a Dirndl for the bride and a Lederhosn for the groom. How wonderful!

This is how they might look (just to give you an idea what I am talking about). And I will definitely wear a Dirndl as well. I am not sure, yet, whether I will make a new one. Or pimp one of my old ones (new skirt). Whether I will wear a modern version (jeans) or a traditional (cotton) or a precious one (silk). I will definitely have a bit of persuasion to do with my husband, because he is from Berlin (where you would never ever wear a Lederhosn). But I am sure he would look so hot wearing one ;-). And I will make a mini Dirndl for my little one. I hope she can walk in August, because I imagine there isn’t anything more annoying to wear when you are crawling than a Dirndl ;-(

Anyway, I love traditional costumes at weddings. I think getting married is so traditional – in a good way! And wearing traditional costumes that generations of your family has worn on their wedding day is a perfect fit in my opinion. Because in the old days most people hadn’t had a special dress for their special day. They just wore their Sunday dress. Added an inherited veil. Or maybe some flowers. Or some rosemary (because it stands for never-ending love).

Looking at my wedding photographers’ website, I found another wedding with traditional costumes. While the couple wore the international version of wedding dress and suit, some of the guests showed off their traditional Norwegian costumes which I find simply stunning in the colourfulness and positive vibes.

These photos and many more can be found here

Beautiful, isn't it?


Christiane said...

Cool, eine echt bayrische Hochzeit! Wenn die Mädels der Familie im Dirndl gehen, muss der Mann aber auch die Krachlederne anziehen... Ganz klar!
(Ausserdem wenn alle in Tracht kommen, ist man doch im Anzug der "Verkleidete").

Und das Babydirndl möchte ich bitte unbedingt hier sehen!!

Viel Spaß dabei, Christiane

Anonymous said...

... please tell your 'other half' about the well known story of "Bayern's Preussen sind die Besten" (it's a book btw.; I think by Sigi Sommer) and he shouldn't tell me about that nonsense of "... no Berliner is wearing Lederhosen ..." since in Bavaria there is the funny story existing 'ONLY the 'Preussen' tragen Lederhosen - even midweek' ;-)
Sooo what; one of them is - very likely - wrong.
Btw., as a Bavarian in OZ I'm joining into that phrase of "Bavaria's Pruisan's are the best" YET there is the the almighty fear of never ever killing one of them since the relatives might come 'down' to the funeral aaaand - stay for good ;-) :-)
Please tell him to be brave; he can/or you could do a cheated version of a Lederhosen by making it from Alcantara (called 'peach skin' here?) It might perhaps only be available through upholstery shops; hence: please 'start planning earlier THAN planned' ;-).It comes cheaper and afterwards you can easier remodel it into something more useful for the kid.
(... and brand new Lederhosen are usually uncomfortable - have to be worn already for a minimum of 5 years and smell a 'bit' ;-)! )
You could do the same for the kid and only add a romantic blouse to make sure her 'walking skills' don't collide with a Dirndl dress. It's probably still looking more matching than anything else.
Yet: a mini-skirt version might be handier for the little one. Just make sure any nappies are nicely trapped and precautionary even kept at bay by 'Hosentraegers'

Yes and please tell your husband, I happen to know quite some Bavarian jokes, known by 'Die Preussen' to apply them to myself = let's call it "Quitt"
;-) :-)
Have fun there and good luck,
'Bavarian' Echidna

* Ninotschka * said...

@Christiane: Klar zeige ich das Baby-Dirndl dann her! Und mein Süßer freundet sich auch immer mehr mit ner Lederhose an ;-)
@'Bavarian' Echidna: Great to hear from you. Thank you very much for the great idea with Alcantara. If we cannot find a great 'real' second hand Lederhosn here up north, I might make him a 'Prussian Lederhosn' out of Alcantara. I also love the idea of a Lederhosn for the little one. I remember I had one as well when I was little. Maybe it is still in my parents' basement? That would be perfect. Cheers to you down under!