Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lazy Saturday!

As a mum you need those lazy Saturdays so badly. The little one sleeps. You have nowhere to go. You have nothing to do (well, you always have something to do when you are a mum, but the secret is to ignore all those chores for a while and pretend that you have nothing to do). You have a cup of coffee. And your laptop in front of you. And thanks to the WorldWideWeb the shopping world is at your feet.

Today I did a virtual shopping spree at Anthropolgie and as so often I fell in love with their accessories.

Isn’t this dachshund cute?

And look at this classic Chanel-like necklace!

Oh, and what a sparkling but sophisticated headband!

Ahhh, and those golden feathers!

Oh and what a beautiful Obi-belt!

All found here

Hope you have a wishful Saturday, too!

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