Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TOP 5 Love Stories

It is the 15th again – so it is time for reading. And time for sharing my favourite books with you. This month it is all about love stories. No, please don’t stop reading this post. I hate sugary, Hollywood ending, prince-on-a-white-horse rescues princess-stories as well. And I promise you that these books are different – although they are about love.

Gut gegen Nordwind – Daniel Glattauer
Due to a mistake Emmi and Leo start writing emails to one another. With time the emails become more and more intense and they start having a very intimate relationship without ever having seen each other. Funny, heart-warming, heart-breaking and without any cliché you might expect from the plot.
Unfortunately in German only

Alle sieben Wellen – Daniel Glattauer
Emmi and Leo are back. They start writing to each other again, but will they finally mange to meet in real life? And what impact might this have? I was really surprised that the author managed to write a sequel which is every inch as touching and amusing as his first book. Therefore he deserves to be mentioned twice in my top 5 love stories.
Unfortunately in German only

The Time Traveler’s Wife / Die Frau des Zeitreisenden - Audrey Niffenegger
Confusing at first, because the story takes place in the past, present and future and everything happens simultaneously. After a few chapters, however, you get used to this weird concept and I got absolutely absorbed by this tragic and comical love story.

Love in the Time of Cholera /Liebe in Zeiten der Cholera - Gabriel Garcia Márquez
I know I have mentioned this book before. In my August Top 5 Penguin books to be precise. But it is just the greatest (and longest) love story of all. So it needs to go on this list as well.
In German and English

Hunting and Gathering / Zusammen ist man weniger allein – Anna Gavalda
A wonderful story of four people who have surprising little in common at first sight. A story about all different kinds of love. And how important love is for everyone – to love and to be loved. Beautiful! Poetic! Funny! And a bit sad as well!
In German and English

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